We appreciate that taking part in a conference session is a big commitment of your time, money and energy. Attending a conference in a place you’re unfamiliar with and public speaking can be nerve-wracking experiences, which is why we’d like to do everything we can to make the session as relaxed and accessible as possible.

The following wording was added to the TAG constitution in 2018, and the conference organisers have made it clear it will be actively promoted at TAG@UCL-IoA:

‘The Theoretical Archaeology Group is committed to promoting access for all at their annual conference. TAG requires that all participants, organizers, and delegates, conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, within each and every conference venue. Queries regarding accessibility, harassment, and equality and diversity policies for the conference should be directed to the hosting institution in the first instance.’

The conference organisers have stated:

  • All rooms at the conference venue will be wheelchair accessible
  • Children are welcome to attend, and it is a breastfeeding-friendly event
  • Breakout rooms will be available

As session organisers we will:

  • Make sure any AV and accessibility requirements are fulfilled
  • Follow the above Code of Conduct and not tolerate any form of harassment in our conference session
  • Will schedule your presentation according to personal preference as far as possible (e.g. if you would prefer to go first or last in the running order we will do our best to accomodate this)
  • Meet up with presenters during the conference if they would like to run through their presentation or if they require any help travelling through London
  • Answer any queries you have about the conference session and contact the conference organisers if we require more information